Why should you be interested in architecture?

Interest in arcThe first and foremost simple reason: because it surrounds you everywhere, everyday.

It is like food, air, health or energy: you are in touch with it and it affects your well-being.

It is the frame where you socialize, where you work, where you rest, where you sleep and dream,

it can change your mood, it can make you ill or happy…

It is said to be your third skin, it can reflect your personality

and it is not only a shelter, usually it is also your major investment.

It is helps us to experience comfort and beauty, pleasure and respect, and it transcends us, since

houses, streets and urban patterns last much longer than ourselves.

And our memories are built on it: the houses we lived in, the schools we went to, the offices we

worked at, the cities we visited, the hotels we enjoyed, the places we worshiped.

Since it is one of the basics of your life

¿Don’t you think it is worth to know more about it?

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