RafaelAyusoRafael Ayuso Siart, München 1967.

Member of the Catalan Chamber of Architects COAC # 26.861-5.

Studied at TU Berlin 1985-1988 y Hochschule der Künste (Udk) Berlin 1988-1992, where he took his degree as Dipl.-Ing. Architekt. Between 1993-97 collaborated in various offices in Berlin, Munich, London, Pamplona, Sevilla and Barcelona, before in 1998 founding with other 3 partners the architectural firm Gamma d’Arquitectura SLP in Barcelona. In 2012 he opened his own practice, Studio Siart, focusing on international clients.
Between 1996-2001 he was an associate teacher at the Design School Elisava (Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona) in Design Analysis and Construction History at undegraduate level, and in the years 1995-1997 studied a PhD. course at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectectua Barcelona (Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona) in order to research  the relationship of movement and space in urban contexts.
He has published various articles in specialized magazines and translated several books on building structures and construction details for the Barcelona based architectural publisher Gustavo Gili.

Work Philosophy

  • Sensitivity for space
  • Searching for quality
  • Sharing beauty
  • Service to society
ResponsibilityFeeling very  privileged to participate in the shaping of our world, we are aware of the responsibility which is attached to it. We see it as an obligation to adminster conscientiously our client’s aesthetic expectations and economic means, as well as taking care of the natural and social ressources involving our work.